Delayed Flights and Happy Accidents

by Flower Politics



a conceptual album about a lot of things.


released July 10, 2013

Angela-Grace Foster (Kill the Intellectuals, HomeSchool Choir): composition, guitar, keyboard, vocals, any other noises, production, album art
Kaylie King (HomeSchool Choir and Record Reflections): ukulele on Interlude



all rights reserved


Flower Politics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

lofi feelings

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Track Name: Is That a Shark or Your Father
You were born in an incubator
Your eyes filled with fear and hope
Your name was decided last minute
Then the doctors sent you home
You rode your bike into a wall
Knee pads protected your skin
Somehow the bruises still win
We all want to park where the law wont permit
We all want to dance when it's inappropriate
We all look back and feel regret
We all walk into the storm before we're ready
You'll all be fine as long as you have money and a PHD
When you're dying remember what I said
You can't always fight what's in your head
So dye your hair a different color and rejoice
And go out into the world with air conditioner running through your hair
It's all the same with different road signs
Just don't let them pass you by
Track Name: Playing with Swords
I'll keep pushing until it breaks
and we'll all see how much it takes
when the walls won't hold their insides still
And all the flowers wilt on the windowsill
I'm lost
the kids are playing with swords
their faces are so distant so fake
I see them in my nightmares
and they crumble and break
I can't leave but I can look away
I can't deal
it won't leave me to heal
I don't know them but they stay
wakeful sleep and sleepfully awake
It's all a circle and it hates me
So I keep spinning
Track Name: Home is
You are my
You are my
You are my
You are my
When dark
caves in
You light it
When I feel
You bleed it
You bleed it
Sleep tight
My dear
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Point Precision
I want to sleep where the nighmares won't wake me in a panic
drop my heart into the basement
And I want to dream of some things that won't happen
so I can feel better about them and my nostalgia for the future
I want to scream but I feel silenced
I go back to repose before
crawling crawling crawling inside of your head head head
where I make my bed bed bed
where I make my bed
I'd rather fold inwards into particles than fall backwards into your heart
to be distributed throughout your body and make you sick
I'd rather not romanticize this choking or try too hard to breathe at all
The lights only on when it's not off
The roads only clear when they're unblocked
The weather is subject to vary on its own and delay
all the airports
and all our plans
And I'm never really sure what's under the floorboards, in the walls,
or in my head
you stabbed me with point precision