About Being Empty (Album Preview) Due June, 2014

by Flower Politics



Preview to the LP coming late June, early July, 2014


most of that mixtape was about our ending because I felt that from the beginning and whoever made those two words rhyme is a sick motherfucking whore and deserves to die, I know the only book I should be invested in is the one you told me to write, I just don't know how I feel inside and I end up trying to look alive, so I can leave you and the fire you built in my chest, burning already charred organ to no rest, because I'd rather be alone in a big empty house than with you in a tiny crowded room in a world filled with endless wrong cues, because there is no moving forward from a cul-de-sac and you can't lie through your teeth for a soul you'll never keep, I just want to be new, I'm not always a good person, I'm sever hearted and severely filled with hatred, and shitty poems, collecting trash doesn't make me unhuman but I admit it makes me weird, I'm vulnerable and I'm made of cement and I'll kill you with my bare hands, I'll cry over your remains and light you on fire and never say your name, Love is open heart surgery and pain is healing and healing is stitches and I'll always tear them open, I'm tired of even feeling hatred, I just want to be a puddle of lukewarm water on some fucking sidewalk on Mars, I wouldn't wish it on my best friend, I wouldn't wish it on my best friend.
you told me I wasn't empty.
I don't want to write about being empty.


released April 9, 2014



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Flower Politics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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