love is the new ibuprofen and I am hooked

by Flower Politics



I want to go grocery shopping with you and try to hold conversations over the loud hum of the vacuum and i want to stay up late watching tv dramas and eating ramen and i want to wake you up with kisses and i want to plant a garden together and watch it grow I want to let you have the last cookie every time and i want to lie with you and watch the stars or watch the water drip from the spicket or watch the grass grow or anything at all- youre all of the beauty i have ever experienced compressed into one being and my senses are overwhelmed
you make 4 chords sound like an orchestra
my head can barely contain the feelings that explode
when I see your face
I'm not good at writing love songs unless they're about heartbreak
I just want you to know that I've let you in

Love temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to:
back ache
muscular aches
the common cold
minor pain of arthritis
menstrual cramps
and temporarily reduces fever


released April 3, 2015
written and recorded by Angela-Grace Foster with exception to the notes and words, "or do nothing at all" which came to me seemingly spontaneously but I actually heard in chill corea's adaptation of "The Midwest is so far East" by Canadian Wedding



all rights reserved


Flower Politics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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