Speed Music

by HomeSchool Choir



I released this a year ago with my amazing musician friend Kaylie King as the first demo of our band HomeSchool Choir.
Unfortunately a bunch of really messed up stuff as kept us from making more music since then and for a while still.
I really miss the band and can't wait to end the hiatus in the future.


released February 15, 2014

Kaylie King (Record Reflections) Angela-Grace Foster (Kill the Intellectuals



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Flower Politics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

lofi feelings

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Track Name: Cherry
Artificial swimming pool
Bellyaches and tadpoles
Chlorine and chemicals
Not safe for tadpoles
Icecream cones in the water
The ones you threw at your daughter
Her hair was cherry popsicles
It bled through the water
You sold your kids to the icecream truck
For discounts and deals on cherry pops
You gave them to your mother
She threw them out the window
They landed unsuspectedly
and soaked a man in cherry
He sued her for sabotage
He was going to the carnival
Track Name: The Open Door
Dead vacuum,
Old mattress,
Hardwood floors,
Window open,
Curtains closed,
Bills on the floor,
Contents under pressure,
Can't focus,
with the open door